The answer to that question is: You look at it. You want to see who’s contacting you. You want to see what it’s about. Your curiosity compels you to check your phone.

That’s because you’re human, and you’ve become accustomed to the immediacy of messages coming in (and going out) from that computer that’s in all of our pockets.

Your customers act the same way.

SMS marketing will increase traffic, sales, communication and help you stay connected to new and old customers.


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Did You Know?

  • 95% of text messages are read within the first 5 minutes
  • 70% of the people would like offers from their favorite businesses sent right to their cellphones
  • The average person looks at their cell phone 150 times per day

Learn how to add $10K per month in Revenue to your business using our powerful SMS Marketing Platform.

It's Automated. It's Simple. It's your Unfair Advantage.

Our Powerful Text Marketing System adds monthly revenue to your business by utilizing 3 core Business Growth Mechanisms.

Generate NEW CUSTOMERS with perfectly designed promotions.

You'll be able to capture new leads and convert those leads into paying customers with our unique landing pages and custom built promotional campaigns.

Get Existing Customers to COME BACK MORE OFTEN by reminding them why they love your business.

You'll be able to send out weekly automated messages that will remind your visitors that they need to come back in more often. (on average we increase your visit rate 2-4x per customer every month).

Get your Existing Customers to SPEND MORE when they do come back.

Not only will we get your best customers to come back more often... we'll also get them to spend more when they do come back. This increases your bottom line without having to add new customers (and is at the core of how our system works).

Your Business Will Be In Good Hands

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